María García has been a passionate flamenco dancer since early childhood. That passion is what led her to start her own flamenco school in Frankfurt in 2010.

In 2016, she and her family moved to Seville, Spain, her homeland, where she trained at the renowned flamenco school Flamenco Danza. In Seville, she worked with Úrsula López, the acclaimed flamenco dancer, choreographer and current director of Ballet Flamenco de Andalucía. This intensive collaboration planted the seed that eventually grew into LOLA, The Flamenco-Dance-Musical.


Back in Germany, while spending four hours in a stalled train, García was flooded with inspiration – and LOLA was born. The story is based on personal experience: García’s grandfather and her then 17-year-old father came from Spain to Germany in the 1960s to find work.

After her initial inspiration, there was no looking back. The production quickly took shape, also through the invaluable support from the Managing Director of the English Theatre Frankfurt. The result was the show’s magnificent debut at the ETF on December 27, 2018.