Cast Vivaldi Flamenco


María García (Spanien) dancer and co-choreographer
María completed her training as a flamenco dancer with renowned teachers, such as Mercedes Ruiz, Leonor Leal and Ursula López in Seville, Spain. She has been working on international stages for 20 years. Since 2010, she has been the director of the María García Flamenco School in Frankfurt, Germany. In 2018, she founded her company "LOLA FLAMENCO Productions" with which she produced the musical "Lola" that premiered successfully at the "English Theatre", in Frankfurt, that same year. At the end of 2021, she premiered her latest production "Vivaldi Flamenco" with the same success at the "Theater Casino Zug", in Switzerland. Her work combines flamenco and theatre, fusing flamenco with other dance styles and music, such as jazz or classical music.

Ileimn Ceciliano (Mexico) ancer and co-choreographer
Ileimn graduated from the National School of Dance Nellie and Gloria Campobello / National Institute of Fine Arts in Mexico and completed her training as a Flamenco dancer at the Flamenco Dance School of Úrsula López, in Seville. She participates in various national and international venues independently and in collaboration with other companies: In 2017 she was hired for the Hr Bigband Concert in Frankfurt "Europa Open Air", in Germany. In 2018 she collaborates for the concert of Jose Antonio Rodríguez at the National Center of the Arts of Mexico City. In 2021, she premieres her own scenic project in collaboration at the Experimental Theatre of Cascais, Portugal. She is currently part of the musical "Lola" and the show "Vivaldi Flamenco" with the company of María García.

Mariano Bernal (Spain) dancer and lead choreographer
Mariano was the “First Dancer” of the most important companies in Spain for 20 years. He was the First Dancer of the National Ballet of Spain, the Flamenco Ballet of Andalusia and the Eva Yerbabuena Company. He was also part of the Contemporary Dance Company "Metros" and the María Pagés company, among others. His own shows "Algo de mí”, premiered at the Flamenco Festival "La Mistela" and "Atando Cabos”, premiered at the Festival "Los Jueves Flamencos" in Seville. He has worked as a choreographer for the Ballet Flamenco de Andalucía, for the dancer Cristina Hoyos and the companies of Úrsula López and María García.


Iván Carpio (Spain) singer
At the age of 12 he was already part of the company of Antonio Fernández Farruco. He participated in the concert series "Young Promises" at the Flamenco Biennial. Winner of the Young Flamenco Contest of Seville. Singer of the Company "El Carpeta". He currently accompanies the tour of the flamenco pop star Pitingo as a background singer. He is part of the company LOLA FLAMENCO Productions since 2018.


David Bermúdez (Spain) musical director and piano
Musical director of various ensembles in Europe and Latin America. Among others with artists such as Antonio Canales, Javier Latorre and María Serrano. Collaboration with great musicians such as Jorge Pardo, Carles Benavent, Luis Frank, the band Ketama and the flamenco pop star Pitíngo. Since 2018 he is a member and musical director of the company LOLA FLAMENCO Productions.

Diego Rocha Pozo (Spain) guitar
Commitments as a flamenco guitarist in festivals and international stages. Collaboration with Carmen Ledasma, Joaquín Ruiz, Juana Amaya and Mercedes Ruiz, among others. Since 2011 he works with María García and is currently part of the shows LOLA and Vivaldi Flamenco.

Javier Téruel (Spain) percussion
He is a percussionist versed in all styles of flamenco, jazz, pop and salsa. He has collaborated with renowned artists such as Lole Montoya, El Negri, Makarines and Alba Molina. He can also be heard on recordings of Spanish pop stars such as Vanesa Martín, Pastora Soler and David de María. Javier Teruel is currently part of the Lola and Vivaldi Flamenco shows.