"Lola celebrated its Premiere at the English Theatre Frankfurt, in 2019. The premiere and the following performances were sold out and received overwhelming standing ovations.

A reproduction of the show was presented in March 2024 at the theatre LA POSTE in Switzerland with the same success. 

I am truly impressed! The story is fantastic, not only because it addresses such important questions, but also because it enables the audience to identify with it deeply.

Everyone knows the feeling of not being in control of their destiny; and that is why the story is so inspiring. LOLA symbolises the energy that is needed to come to terms with life’s challenges."

Daniel Nicolai
Executive Director” The English Theatre Frankfurt”, Germany

"LOLA transported the audience into another world. We felt with LOLA and were impressed by the energy of Flamenco. The sold-out show, overwhelming applause and standing ovations, as well as the wonderful feedback from our audience after the evening, show what a fantastic success LOLA was at our theatre."

Nadja Studer
Director „Theater La Poste“ in Visp, Switzerland


"It was an incredibly impressive, unforgettable evening. It gave me a glimpse of a completely different world! Thank you for the inspiration."

(Member of the Opening Night audience)


"I was emotionally deeply touched by the piece. The passionate performance of the dancers, the beautiful music and the intense singing… it was just gripping. I’m so glad I saw it!"

(Member of the Opening Night audience)